Venstar Skyport Mobile App

Venstar Skyport Mobile App

Skyport Cloud is private and secure command centre for Venstar systems. Venstar's Skyport App allow remote monitoring and control of heating and cooling functions of Venstar units through mobile devices ( iPhone, iPad, Android or Amazon).  The app is available for download on App Store and Google Play . Skyport Cloud can also be accessed through a web browser by logging in here. Managing energy usage through control of temperature helps to minimize energy costs.

It is compatible with all Venstar Wi-Fi models. Thermostats in the ColorTouch series that require a ACC0454 Wi-Fi key to connect to Skyport are T5800, T5900, T6800 and T6900.

Features of of Syport Cloud:

  1. The app supports geofencing by creating a perimeter adjustable around the home. It learns when you are home or away maximixing comfort and reducing the costs. Check out the article here for more information on geofencing.
  2. It offers control of multiple thermostats (up to 10) at the same or 10 different locations.
  3. Analytics are able to show weekly energy consumption. This data is essential to monitoring the usage in different locations and potentially saving energy. It can also be used in setting schedules.
  4. The user can get alerts of anomalies in the system such as humidity levels, service reminders, air supply issues, temperature and humidity limits. This is based on pre-set conditioms. Once an alert is triggered, notice to correct the issue is sent out. Alerts can also be shared with contractors.
  5. With the app, personal text messages including notes and reminders can be sent to display on the thermostat's screen.
  6. Cloud API permits  approved third parties such as utility companies to access Skyport for monitoring purpose and retrieval of dat. Multiple user can be added to one Skyport account.

Updates on the firmware are automatic when the user opens the application.

Other optional wireless modules for Venstar thermostats are ACC-VWF2 for Wi-Fi and ACC-VZW1 for Z-Wave.

Here are other Venstar controls and accessories.

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