Venstar T1100RF (P474-1100RF) Replacement Option

Venstar T1100RF (P474-1100RF) Replacement Option

Technology has been evolving in all sectors rendering some systems obsolete, HVAC systems are no exception.

Venstar T1100RF/T1100REC (Totaline P474-1100RF/P474-1100REC) was a perfect case of remote sensing and transmission capabilities before its discontinuation.

How did T1100RF Operate?

Up to 4 wireless thermostats could be placed anywhere in the home to allow for temperature control from different regions. This was then transmitted to the receiver which was installed in the same location as the thermostat it replaced. Configuration parameters were taken from the transmitter with ID number 1. Transmitters with Unit ID Numbers 2, 3, and 4 could not be programmed or configured (except for set points). The thermostats with a range of up to 500 feet transmitted radio signals back to the receiver with the last used (button pressed) being implemented.


The best bet for the replacement is the use of a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat (assuming it isn't located in a non-friendly temperature/moisture environment), a smartphone to adjust setpoints, and a Wi-Fi remote sensor to sense control temperature from a suitable location. This implementation is more advanced and affordable.

Venstar T2000 Explorer Residential Programmable Thermostat stands in place of the receiver, wireless sensors replacing the portable thermostats. This thermostat can be connected through the Skyport App available in the App Store and Google Playstore.

The T2000 is only an alternative implementation that can work in place of the T1100RF but the two thermostats are not exactly the same.

Through the app, Venstar ACC-TSENWIFIPRO wireless remote sensors placed in a location of choice/ different rooms can be paired with the thermostat to detect temperature. The Venstar Configurator App is needed to configure the Wi-Fi Settings of this thermostat. 

It is much easier to set up the period program/schedule on the Skyport Web App account which can be created here,

All runtime data is available on the app including alerts and notifications.

View more Venstar Wireless Thermostats here.

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