Updating Firmware For Venstar ColorTouch Thermostats

Updating Firmware For Venstar ColorTouch Thermostats

Venstar ColorTouch thermostats are advanced controller that can be intergrated with Smart home applications which in most cases need frequent updates.

Some of their features are:
  1. Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
  2. Enhanced user experience
  3. Over the Air Updates (No SD card needed)
  4. FDD (Equipment Fault Protection) Notififcation

Thermostats in this series are: T7850, T7900, T8850 & T8900

How to update:

  1. Download the ColorTouch Desktop App. It is availabe here for macOS and for Windows here.
  2. Load the firmware onto an SD card. The storage should be 1GB to 16GB.
  3. Insert the SD card in the ColorTouch thermostat
  4. Power-cycle the thermostat
  5. Extract SD card after the thermostat reboots
  6. As soon as the ColorTouch firmware is 6.91 or above, the SD card will not be needed
  7. Your thermostat will automatically update through the Skyport Cloud.

Learn more about Venstar Skyport app here.

More information on Venstar please visit: https://venstar.com/

Learn more on HVAC systems and controls in the link here.

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