Thermostat Programmability Options

Thermostat Programmability Options

Non-programmable thermostats can regulate room temperature to one desired setpoint whereas programmable thermostats come with different scheduling capabilities, typically, up to four temperature changes are allowed for each setting period, i.e.,:

  • 7-Day models allow the homeowner to program unique temperature schedules for every day of the week. These programmable thermostats offer the best scheduling variation for a busy household with a schedule that frequently changes.
  • 5-1-1 Day programmable thermostats permit one set of temperature adjustments used Monday through Friday and unique schedules for Saturday and Sunday. These are ideal for households with consistent schedules during the week and each day of the weekend.
  • 5-2 Day programmable thermostats use one set of temperature schedules Monday through Friday and a second set that covers Saturday and Sunday. They are used in households with consistent weekday and weekend schedules (or businesses that operate only on weekdays)
  • 1-Week programmable thermostats use one set of temperature adjustments for all seven days of the week. This is the most limited programming ability offered for programmable thermostat models.
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