240 VAC to 120 VAC Step-Down Streetlight Photocell Power Tap Adapter

240 VAC to 120 VAC Step-Down Streetlight Photocell Power Tap Adapter

240 VAC to 120 VAC Step-Down Streetlight Photocell Power Tap Adapter variants:

FP289A-120-CNB (50 Watt, 3 pin, no dimming control)
FP289A-120-CNB-100W (100 Watt, 3 pin, no dimming control)
FP289A-120-CNB-A (50 Watt, 7 pin, includes dimming control)
FP289A-120-CNB-A-100W (100 Watt, 7 pin, includes dimming control)

In the United States, the common voltages for residential area streetlight luminaires are single phase 120 or 240V AC. However, some large-scale luminaire arrays are fed via 3 phase 480V AC giving a phase to ground voltage of 277V AC for each luminaire.

At Rfwel Engineering’s Power Solutions group, which is part of our Wireless Infrastructure group, we offer different cost-effective ways of utilizing the voltage available at the streetlight luminaire to power communication equipment. One way is through streetlight power tap adapters that install between the luminaire/ streetlight locking receptacle (ANSI C136.41) and the photocontrol device. Photocell power taps still allow for the normal photocontrol operations while supplying constant power to streetlight-pole mounted communication equipment. A more detailed explanation the workings of power tap adapters can be found here.

Example (FP289A-120-CNB) Step-Down Streetlight Power tap Connection

Rfwel Engineering provides power taps that: 
  1. convert 120V AC input to PoE (IEEE 802.3af/ 802.3at) output, terminated using an RJ45 connector (see examples);

  2. convert 120/ 240 VAC to 12/ 24/ 48 VDC output;

  3. step down any AC voltage up to 480V AC to standard 120 VAC output (see examples);

  4. provide a constant AC output same as the AC input (see examples)

The FP289A-120-CNB streetlight power tap steps down the 240V AC available at the luminaire to 120V AC without introducing bulky conversion circuitry while allowing normal photocontrol operation. This can be used, for example, to power pole mount small cell installations with a battery backup system.
Using the FP289A-120-CNB allows for uninterrupted powering of point-to-point backhaul links, access radios, and associated network equipment like switches and routers. The power tap choice can also be customized as needed to vary battery amp hours (Ah) or output voltage to meet the different equipment load requirements.

Standard Streetlight Power Tap (No Dimming Control)

Another variant of the same tap FP289A-120-CNB-A also provides stepped down 120V AC power to ancillary devices from 230/ 240V AC available at the luminaire. The FP289A-120-CNB-A has 4 additional contacts to allow for pass-through of dimming photocontrol operations. This variant is compliant with ANSI C136.10 for street and area lighting and C136.41 for dimming control pass through (7-pin).

Streetlight Power Tap with 4-Dimming Control Contacts

These power taps are typically provided with a 2 SEOOW conductor 16AWG flush cut cable end, however, different custom termination options are available as captured here to meet the diverse needs of communication and control installations.

The Power Tap does not provide a ground connection. If the device requires grounding, other provisions must be made to ensure proper grounding.
Contact our Power Solutions Specialists to help you configure the power tap and/or termination that you need for your next project.