Samsung MIM-H05UN Wi-Fi Adapter Replaces MIM-H04UN

Samsung MIM-H05UN Wi-Fi Adapter Replaces MIM-H04UN

Samsung has introduced the MIM-H05UN Wi-Fi Adapter which, like the preceding MIM-H04UN allows for DVM S indoor units, single-zone CAC units, and FJM systems with slim duct, cassette and/or console units connected to be remotely monitored and controlled via the SmartThings app.

MIM-H04UN and MIM-H05UN support the same connection and functions and they are similar in structure and design.

The only improvement on the MIM-H05UN is the incorporation of a different processor and firmware.

With one adapter, you can operate up to 16 indoor units across multiple systems.  A maximum of 16 Wi-Fi adapters can be used on a single DVM S system. (Monitor and control up to 64 indoor units).

Sample Connection Diagrams
CAC Systems Connection
DVM S Systems Connection

Here are more Wi-Fi Control Interfaces or modules used with other HVAC Indoor Units.

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