Samsung MIM-C02N S-Converter Module for VRF Systems

Samsung MIM-C02N S-Converter Module for VRF Systems

Samsung MIM-C02N is a communicating S-Converter module that connects Samsung AC systems to a computer.

It's main functionality is to connect the system with test run program.
The Samsung MIM-C02N has two primary Test run programs:
  1. S-Net Pro: Conventional communication
  2. S-Net Pro 2: New communication
MIM-C02N works with a set of 2 cables; USB-to-232 cable and SW downloader cable. The RS485 port can only be used with a cable not exceeding 1000 metres in length.

Below are the different connector interfaces on the module and their roles:
  1. USB-RS232 Connection Terminal- For communication with the PC
  2. 2-Line Communication Connection Terminal- Connection terminal between indoor unit and wired remote controller (For R&D testing).
  3. Downloader Connection Terminal- PBA download connection terminal
  4. RS485 Communication Connection Terminal- For connecting with indoor/outdoor unit's F1, F2 communication terminal
Sample Connection Diagrams with Indoor and Outdoor Units

Connection Diagram with Samsung Indoor Units

Connection Diagram with Samsung Outdoor Units

Connection to PC

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