Samsung MIM-B14 External Contact Control Module Installation and Operation

Samsung MIM-B14 External Contact Control Module Installation and Operation

Samsung MIM-B14 module connects to DVM S/DVM S2 outdoor units, DVM S Eco, DVM Chiller, DVM S indoor units, CAC indoor units, FJM multi-zone system indoor units, and Samsung RAC single zone wall unit systems (excluding Novus) for control.  Application areas include hotel key card switch, door/window switch, PIR sensor with timed relay and other occupancy sensors.

It is mounted indoor units that need control or in MAIN outdoor unit (DVM S/DVM S2 Series outdoor units only). In outdoor units it monitors system ON/OFF status, error status, and manually enable night time quiet operation mode.

The module connects directly to indoor or outdoor unit PCB (CN81 and CN83) with included connectors.

Follow the following steps to install the control module:

  1. With screws, secure the PCB case within the indoor unit control box or in the proper location.
  2. Attach the external controller PCB after the PCB casings have been fixed.
  3. Connect a 2 pin wire between the indoor unit PCB EXT_CTRL connection (CN83) and the external controller PCB CN83.
  4. Connect a 4-pin wire between the indoor unit PCB COMP/ERROR and the external controller PCB CN81.

Circuit Diagram for Controlling External Heater (ON/OFF)

Circuit Diagram for Turning ON/OFF Indoor unit (Via External Contact Control)

  1. Dry contact must be connected to the input terminals 5,6.
  2. When controlling external heater, the contacts need to be connected to the load.
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