6 Best Power Distribution Units Ranked

6 Best Power Distribution Units Ranked

The world over, the need for reliable power distribution to networking and other critical home equipment has greatly increased. Within the telecommunication space modern racks and cabinets are designed to maximize the amount of computing bandwidth you can fit within any given space, and the ability to power all the routers (both wired and wireless), servers, switches, and other devices being used depends on one or more reliable power distribution units.

Consequently, demand for intelligent, complex and durable units has never been higher. Doing away with power reliability issues therefore becomes critical at both the industrial and residential level to guarantee equipment safety and system up times. We have listed below some of the PDUs we find to best suit the diverse customer needs.

CyberPower PDU20MT2F10R Metered PDU (PDU20MT2F10R)

This is a single phase metered PDU that provides an unfiltered pass-through output of 100 - 125V at 20A. It distributes this power to 2 front and 10 rear facing NEMA 5-20R receptacles from a single NEMA L5-20P twist lock plug. Some of its key features are:
  • The current draw for connected equipment is displayed in amps on the front LCDs for real-time load monitoring.
  • Enclosed in a rugged, industrial-grade metal housing with a 15-foot AC power cord. The package includes a cord retention tray.
  • It comes with configurable mounting brackets that allow for 0U (vertical, under counter, and wall mount) and 1U (horizontal, vertical, under counter, and wall mount) form factors.
  • Switch free design to safeguard against accidental remote/localized shutdowns.
  • Twist lock input plug to secure outlet by locking into place to prevent accidental disconnection.

APC AP7900B Switched Rack PDU (AP7900B)

This is a switched rack PDU that provides advanced load monitoring combined with remote on/off switching control of individual outlets for power cycling, delayed power sequencing and outlet use management. It provides an output of 120VAC via 8 NEMA 5-15R front facing receptacles. Some of its key features include:
  • Built-in LCD display that allows localized viewing of current and gives a visible warning in case of an overload.
  • Network management capabilities that allow you to configure and manage the PDU from remote locations.
  • Users can access, configure, and control Switched Rack PDUs through secure Web, SNMP, Command Line Interface, or Telnet Interfaces which are complimented by APC Centralized Management platforms using StruxureWare Data Center Expert, Operations, Capacity, and Energy Efficiency.
  • Remote individual outlet control that also provides real-time monitoring of connected loads.
  • Quickly and easily upgrade firmware via network download for future product enhancements.
  • Multi-tier user access at four levels: Administrator, Device User, Read-Only User & Network-only User each with secure username and password access.

CyberPower PDU30SWT17ATNET Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) PDU (PDU30SWT17ATNET)

This is a switched automatic transfer switch PDU that provides 100-120VAC at 30A output. The output is unfiltered electrical pass-through distributed via 16 NEMA 5-20R and 1 NEMA L5-30R receptacles with all 17 outlets being rear facing with a 2U form factor. It comes with dual power input cords that can be plugged into separate power supplies to provide redundancy for the connected equipment.
  • The output receptacles can be turned on, turned off, or recycled on demand or at programmed times to address several needs, including remote rebooting of locked equipment, load shedding, power sequencing, and locking out unauthorized loads.
  • The LCD panel provides local monitoring of the PDU and on/off control for the outlets while remote monitoring is via the SNMP card and an IP address on the network interface to give real time parameter monitoring and outlet control. Some other features include:
  • Designed without a power switch or circuit breaker (on most models) to prevent accidental power interruptions.
  • Environmental sensor option to provide real time operational conditions.
  • 3-year warranty covers the PDU and connected equipment for as long as you own the product.
  • Protocol support for PowerPanel Business Edition, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, and SNMP including SNMPv3, and IPv4, IPv6, NTP, SMTP protocols.
The only limitation to this PDU is its cost compared to the others on the list. It makes up for for this by offering extra functionalities to the intended user.

Tripp Lite PDUMH15-6 PDU Metered PDU

It delivers reliable unfiltered electrical pass- through power at 120VAC via 13 NEMA 5-15R outlets (1 front-facing, 12 rear-facing) with a load capacity of 14kW. The device allows several form factors for installation with its removable mounting flanges to support 1U and 0U installations. It’s also suitable for wall-mounting and under-counter mounting. Some key features include:
  • 2-digit load meter to provide the real-time current draw of connected equipment, allowing you to avoid overloading the PDU as devices are added.
  • It has a rugged all-metal housing and a 6 feet power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug with a 15A circuit breaker and a TVSS rear grounding lug.
  • It comes with a switch-less design to prevent accidental shutoff.
  • NEMA 5-15P input with 6 feet line cord for easy access.
Its limitation is that it only displays current when the total load consumption exceeds 1A. No room for decimal readings. It however remains one of the most reliable PDUs on the market.

CyberPower PDU41001 Remote Switched PDU

This is a switched PDU that offers unfiltered pass-through 120VAC, 15A output via 8 front facing NEMA 5-15R receptacles. The input voltage range is between 100-120VAC provided from a single NEMA 5-15P plug. Remote management is over the network using the CyberPower Management Console, a web browser and the RJ45 Ethernet port for network connection while local management is via the LCD controls.

Local control allows the user to turn on/off and disable unused outlets. Remote control allows user to restart outlets and devices, turn on/turn off, schedule power on/off sequencing and disable unused outlets. Some other key features are:
  • Switch-free design to safeguard against accidental power shutdown.
  • Provides immediate updates about power events via email, SMS text, or SNMP traps.
  • Provides easy-to-read information about amperage, voltage, KW, IP address, and other PDU information.
  • Durable Metal Housing for protection against damage from impact or abrasions.Network-Grade plugs and outlets for efficient distribution of power in demanding IT or industrial environments.
Synaccess netBooter NP-0202DU Remote Switched PDU (SKU NP-0202DU)

This is a remote switched PDU that offers independent control of two outlets in a small, robust form factor with current reading per outlet. It offers an output of 120VAC at 13A via 2 NEMA 5-15R outlets. These are manageable via TCP/IP network or direct serial connection. For control interfacing NP-0202DU is equipped with USB serial port and the RJ45 port. Some other key features include:
  • Ability to use ‘Autoping’ to reboot outlets after ICMP ping losses.
  • In the event of failure, it sends event notifications via email and allows user to view local event log.
  • True RMS sensor per outlet provides independent current reading of each outlet.
  • Provides real time monitoring with the ability to perform daily reboot or weekly scheduler for each outlet.
  • Status LEDs for each outlet, link LED and device power LED
  • Configure and control with HTTP/ HTTPS web interface or command line via Telnet / USB Serial
  • Optional TS-300 temperature sensor for environmental monitoring.
Its strongest feature is its size which makes it fit anywhere. It is also comes at a fair price point for similar quality remote switching power supplies. The limitation comes with it having only two controlled outlets which is a tradeoff for the price paid.
Type of PDUMeteredSwitchedSwitched ATSMeteredSwitchedSwitched
Local Current Meter
Local Manual Control
Remote Individual Socket Metering
Remote On/Off/Reboot Control
Circuit Breaker / Fuse Protection
Temp. / Humidity Sensor Port
Real Time Monitoring
Redundant Power Inputs
Number of Outlets128171382
Metal Housing
Form Factor1U1U2U1U1U1U
Safety & other certificationsUL1363; CSA C22.2; RoHSCUL, FCC Class A, ICES-003, UL listedUL-60950_1, CSA C22.2, FCC Class AClass A (Emissions), TAA, RoHSUL-60950, FCC Class A, RoHSTUV (US), UL-60950, FCC Class B

A major downside of most PDUs in general is that they lack general protective features to safeguard against issues such over voltage, over voltage and overheating protection. They do not condition the power but deliver it as unfiltered pass-through electrical power. They also lack fuses and surge protection gears at the outlets to equipment. However, one might reason that it is not the work of a PDU to do all these and that there are specific equipment having such features.

For your customized power solution contact an Rfwel Power Monitor & Control Specialist. Find us also on +1 480 218 1877.

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