Nest Learning or Nest Thermostat E? Ultimate Guide on Selection of Nest Smart Thermostats

Nest Learning or Nest Thermostat E? Ultimate Guide on Selection of Nest Smart Thermostats

Utility costs are on the rise and homeowners are spending more to ensure their comfort is guaranteed. This is dependent on their heating and cooling needs.

Apart from energy-saving practices, with smart thermostats, it is easier to cut down on these costs.

Some common features of Smart thermostats include but are not limited to:
  1. Wi-Fi capabilities
  2. Compatibility with other smart home devices through wireless protocols such as Z-Wave and Zigbee and even Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  3. Geofencing
  4. Learning and adapting to homeowner preferences
  5. Remote sensor pairing
  6. Zoning capabilities

Nest thermostats facilitate home automation offering comfort in an economical manner. They are compatible with most 24-volt residential heating and cooling systems featuring electric, oil, gas, and dual-fuel systems. From your phone, tablet, or PC, you can adjust your schedules and monitor energy consumption.

Nest Learning Thermostat                                                   

              Nest Learning thermostat                                               

             Nest Thermostat E

Below is how different Nest thermostats compare:

Nest Learning/ Third Generation Thermostat
Nest Thermostat E Generation
High screen resolution with Farsight display of time, temperature, and weather
Frosted display without Farsight display
Slimmer with metal polished ring and detailed interface
Bigger with plastic ring, ceramic feel
App Compatibility
Setup: Nest app
Remote control: Nest app/ Google Home
Setup: Google Home
Remote control: Google Home/ Nest Leaf/ Nest App
Multiple color options
One color option
Slightly expensive
System Compatibility
Works with 95% of systems
Works with 85% of systems including heating-only, cooling-only, zone-controlled, and heat pump systems

Installed on the wall or Nest stand
Placed anywhere with built-in stand

Click on the link here to check on Ecobee's compatibility with your system.

Your system is NOT compatible if it is labeled 110V/120V, has stranded wires or has stranded wires connected by wire nuts.

Find more information on thermostat wiring here. If one is not trained to handle such electrical equipment, it is advisable to get a qualified technician to help in the set-up.

Here are Wi-Fi thermostats including other smart thermostats.

Contact our HVAC Control Engineering team for assistance with custom HVAC control solutions or learn more here.

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