Mitsubishi Electric Trane PAC-US445CN-1 Thermostat Adapter

Mitsubishi Electric Trane PAC-US445CN-1 Thermostat Adapter

Mitsubishi Electric introduced the PAC-US445CN-1 Thermostat Adapter which, like the preceding PAC-US444CN-1, allows a field-supplied 24V thermostat to control Mitsubishi mini-split indoor units through the CN105 connector and CNH02 connector for select units. A 24V isolation field transformer is also needed to power the thermostat (recommended transformer - VPL24-210).

The PAC-US445CN-1 is compatible with Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI, M-Series, or P-Series indoor units as well as PAA intelli-HEAT indoor units supporting 2-stage thermostat operation, adjustable capacity, and full capacity.

Just like the predecessor PAC-US444CN-1, the  PAC-US445CN-1 operates in a similar manner with one adapter being used per indoor unit. Thermostats that have been tested with this adapter are include Nest, Honeywell, Lyric, and INNCOM with fan speed control.

One improvement from the old PAC-US444CN-1 is that the PAC-US445CN-1 adapter includes the PAA wire harness working with intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel systems that deploy all-electric heat pumps as their primary heating source (PAC-US444CN-1 is not compatible). Thermostat Interface DIP switch settings are available for the units.

Below is the wiring diagram when used with PAA intelli-HEAT indoor unit.

1- Thermostat interface
2- Third-party thermostat
3- Thermostat control signals
4- PAA unit control box

Note that more than one PAC-US445CN-1 cannot be connected to a single set of thermostat dry contacts.

The interface settings and functions on PAC-US445CN-1 have changed from the previous version (PAC-US444CN-1). Please read the entire manual before installing and configuring the thermostat interface.
  1. DIP switches 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-5 and 2-6 functions have changed.
  2. The sequence of operation has been adjusted for better performance. 

See instructions on how to install this thermostat adapter interface adapter here.

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