Mitsubishi Electric Trane Ductless Products Re-named to Nv-Series

Mitsubishi Electric Trane Ductless Products Re-named to Nv-Series

Mitsubishi Electric Trane re-names ductless products to Nv-Series. As a cross-reference when searching for wireless accessories, please use the model number table below or contact us for help on related Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC wireless controls:

Old Mitsubishi Model #New Trane Model #Compatible Wireless Remote Controllers & Accessories
MSZ-FH06NANTXWPH06A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-FH09NANTXWPH09A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-FH12NANTXWPH12A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-FH15NANTXWPH15A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-FH18NA2NTXWPH18A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-GL06NANTXWST06A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-GL09NANTXWST09A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-GL12NANTXWST12A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-GL15NANTXWST15A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-GL18NANTXWST18A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-GL24NANTXWST24A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-D30NANTXWST30A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-D36NANTXWST36A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-GL09NANTYWST09A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-GL12NANTYWST12A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-GL15NANTYWST15A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-GL18NANTYWST18A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-GL24NANTYWST24A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-D30NANTYWST30A112AAWireless Accessories
MSY-D36NANTYWST36A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-HM09NANTXWMT09A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-HM12NANTXWMT12A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-HM15NANTXWMT15A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-HM18NANTXWMT18A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-HM24NANTXWMT24A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-JP09WANTXWMT09A111AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-JP12WANTXWMT12A111AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-WR09NANTXWEL09A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-WR12NANTXWEL12A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-WR18NANTXWEL18A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-WR24NANTXWEL24A112AAWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF09NABMSZ-EF09NABWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF12NABMSZ-EF12NABWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF15NABMSZ-EF15NABWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF18NABMSZ-EF18NABWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF09NASMSZ-EF09NASWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF12NASMSZ-EF12NASWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF15NASMSZ-EF15NASWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF18NASMSZ-EF18NASWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF09NAWMSZ-EF09NAWWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF12NAWMSZ-EF12NAWWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF15NAWMSZ-EF15NAWWireless Accessories
MSZ-EF18NAWMSZ-EF18NAWWireless Accessories

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