Mitsubishi Electric PAC-USSEN001-FM-1 Vs PAC-USSEN002-FM-1 Flush Mount Remote Temperature Sensor

Mitsubishi Electric PAC-USSEN001-FM-1 Vs PAC-USSEN002-FM-1 Flush Mount Remote Temperature Sensor

Mitsubishi Electic Trane offers an array of both wired and wireless sensors. PAC-USSEN001-FM-1 and PAC-USSEN002-FM-1 are flush-mounted temperature sensors that allow remote sensing for up to 100 feet away from the indoor unit.

They use 22/2 AWG UL 1007 non-shielded wires for connecting to the CN20 connection terminal on the indoor unit.

Mounting Diagram

The sensor heads can be repainted without affecting their sensitivity.

See this compatibility chart to confirm which sensor works with your indoor unit.

What's their difference? PAC-USSEN002-FM-1 does not come with the conversion cable and is not compatible with the following indoor units: PEFY-NMHU, PFFY-NEMU and PFFY-NRMU.

Here are other HVAC Mitsubishi  Electric wireless sensors available.

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