Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Voice Control over Amazon Alexa

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Voice Control over Amazon Alexa

Majority of control systems embrace technology options and Smart home hub control options such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri, SmartThings and IFTTT.

Voice control is becoming a common feature with home equipment including HVAC systems. Amazon Alexa is perhaps the most popular home voice control system. Alexa allows for different different voice commands for HVAC system operations. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps with Wi-Fi control can work with simple voice commands through Amazon Alexa.

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How to set up Amazon Alexa to control Mitsubishi HVAC systems

Download the Heat Pump Control App (Kumo Cloud) and follow the setup guide. Use the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi control interface (PAC-USWHS002-WF-2) if your indoor unit does not have in-build Wi-Fi capability. Check out the article here to see how to set up the Mitsubishi Wi-Fi control interface.

You need a separate PAC-USWHS002-WF-2 Wi-Fi Control Interface for each heat pump you wish to control. All heat pumps can be synced to the same account for convenient control of your systems.

Configure Alexa if it is not already set up (see the user manual). 

Linking to Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump:

Open Amazon Alexa App. Go to Menu>>Skill

Search for Mitsubishi and select “Mitsubishi Electric - Wi-Fi Control”. If this is not available, search for the US Listing for “Melview” and select “Melview Wi-Fi Control”.

Select it and then press Enable

Follow the prompts>>Login>>Select Done

Select Discover Devices (You can also ask Alexa “discover my devices”)

You are ready to now control the heat pump with your voice

Learn more about other HVAC Wireless Interfaces here.

Contact our HVAC Controls Engineering team for assistance with custom HVAC control solutions or learn more here.

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