MHK2 Kumo Touch WirelessThermostat Kit

MHK2 Kumo Touch WirelessThermostat Kit

Mitsubishi Electric Trane releases a new Kumo Touch MHK2 RedLINK remote controller and receiver kit that employs RedLINK 3.0 wireless technology offering better connectivity with Kumo Cloud. The RedLINK wireless 3.0 technology does not allow the MHK2 to work with MHK1’s accessories i.e. MCCH1MOS1 and RedLINK 2.0 Gateway (THM6000R7001) since the MHK1 thermostat uses RedLINK 2.0 wireless technology. However, the MHK2 can work with Honeywell’s RedLINK Indoor Air Sensor (IAS) such as the C7189R2002-2 as a remote temperature sensing option.

This latest wireless thermostat by Mitsubishi Electric Trane is an improvement of the MHK1 thermostat kit. It has improved indoor unit function code list (indoor unit type and indoor unit codes expanded to 28), indoor unit compatibility (supports all CITY MULTI, all P-Series, all M-Series), full programmability and better profile on the wall.

Just like the MHK1 RedLINK - Wireless Thermostat and Receiver Kit MHK2 is compatible with the Kumo Cloud when connected with the Wireless Interface 2 (PAC-USWHS002-WF-2) or later.

The MHK2 includes the MRCH2 (remote controller) and the MIFH2 (wireless receiver). The MIFH2 includes the MRC2 cable to connect the MIFH2 receiver to the CN105 connector on the indoor unit control board.

Application setup of MHK2, Wireless Interface 2 and Indoor Sensor

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