LG PLGMVW100 Wi-Fi Module

LG PLGMVW100 Wi-Fi Module

The LG PLGMVW100 is a Wi-Fi module designed for use with LG units. It replaces the PSWMOZ3.

Doubling as a troubleshooting and maintenance tool, it comes with an interface cable for easy setup. The free LGMV app is available for download in Apple and Android.

With the wireless setup, it is easier to set up and troubleshoot the system.

Users can monitor their system by viewing the real-time graphical data of the indoor and outdoor units while accessing the error code information and referring troubleshooting guide for LG duct-free systems (DFS).

Typical Troubleshooting Configuration
 PLGMVW100 Typical Troubleshooting Configuration

The diagram above illustrates a typical troubleshooting application using the LGMV app and the PLGMVW100 Wi-Fi module. The module connects to an LG outdoor unit through the supplied interface cable.

PLGMVW100 is compatible with various LG units including; Multi V IV Air Heat Pump, Multi V IV Air Heat Recovery, Multi V Water IV Heat Pump, Multi V Water IV Heat Recovery, Multi V S, Multi V III Air Heat Pump, Multi V III Air Heat Recovery, Multi V Mini and Multi F/Multi F MAX.

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