LG Multisite CRC2 Series Thermostats

LG Multisite CRC2 Series Thermostats

The LG Multisite CRC2 series thermostats have 3 versions:

For wireless control, the models support either ZigBee or Wi-Fi (PREMTBVC4 supports both simultaneously).

The Zigbee Pro wireless module is required for the thermostat controller to communicate with the optional compatible wireless sensors and the Wi-Fi module is required for BACnet over IP communication.

 Zigbee module (ZVRCZPWC2)

CRC2 Wi-Fi Module (VCM8002V504)

Installation of the modules should be simple with the following steps:
Remove security screw (if any) on bottom of Remote Controller cover. 
Open unit by pulling on bottom side of Remote Controller. 


Carefully remove Remote Controller’s Motherboard from casing and turn over. 
Locate gap in upper-right corner of Remote Controller’s motherboard and locate holes to insert the module into the motherboard.


Align connector pins on Zigbee Pro or Wi-Fi module with holes on motherboard. Ensure alignment of pins is correct so as to not damage the module.
Gently press the ZigBee Pro or Wi-Fi module into the Remote Controller’s motherboard until it fits snugly in place.
Finally reinstall the motherboard into the casing and put back the cover and the screw. 

Note that with the Wi-Fi card installed, the BACnet IP (wireless) will be used and not the BACnet MS/TP protocol. With the Wi-Fi module installed, you can access the controller via IP to access the configuration web page. 

There are other Wi-Fi modules like PWFMDD200 that can be used to control compatible LG’s indoor units with the SmartThinQ app installed on user’s phone. 

Here is more information on Wi-Fi adapters or modules used in other HVAC Indoor Units Control.

For custom HVAC control solutions, feel free to contact our HVAC Control Engineering team for assistance or learn more on our HVAC Controls website.

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