Fujitsu Wi-Fi Interface Adapters

Fujitsu Wi-Fi Interface Adapters

Fujitsu’s Wi-Fi interface adapters transform the way HVAC systems are controlled and managed by connecting the system to the local internet network allowing control through a smartphone or tablet.

System Diagram

Fujitsu Wireless Interface System Diagram
 The adapter is installed on the indoor unit and enables the operation of the unit through the Fujitsu FGLair app, Intensis AC Cloud Control app or Airstage app depending on the Wi-Fi adapter used.

Schematic Diagram

Fujitsu Wireless Interface System Diagram
Fujitsu Wi-Fi Interface Adapter Options

Fujitsu FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA Halycon Wireless (Wi-Fi) Adapter
The IR wireless module is suitable for wall and floor mounted units and utilizes infrared to communicate wirelessly with the indoor unit. It connects to the Local Area Network wirelessly and uses the Intensis AC Cloud Control app for remote control and monitoring of the indoor unit.

Fujitsu FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA Wi-Fi Module
Fujitsu wired module is ideal for Fujitsu Cassettes, Slim Ducts and Ceiling mounts and does not require IR to communicate with the system. This model also utilizes the Intensis AC Cloud Control app for remote control from web page or Apple IoS/Android device.

This module works with the FGLair app to enable cloud access and control of Fujitsu mini split units.


This UART type Wi-Fi adapter utilizes Fujitsu’s Airstage mobile app to provide smart control and monitoring of Fujitsu Airstage mini split systems. This model is Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible embracing true hands free control of the unit


This model is a wall mounted USB Type interface that works with the Airstage Mobile app for operation of compatible indoor units. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home providing flexible management of the indoor climate regardless of your location. 

Fujitsu App Compatibility
FGLair App (More information on FGLair App here): UTY-TFSXW1, UTY-TFSXF2, UTY-TFSXF3, UTY-TFSXF1, UTY-TFSXZ1, UTY-TFSXZ2, UTY-TFSXZ4
Intensis Cloud App - FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA
Airstage Mobile App - FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA

Connecting Multiple Fujitsu Wi-Fi Interface Adapters
A single Wi-Fi interface adapter can only be installed on a singular indoor unit meaning each indoor unit in every zone must have its individual Wi-Fi adapter to achieve a multiple set up. Multiple indoor units can be grouped together for centralized control through the FGLair, Intensis AC Cloud or Airstage Mobile App accounts.
The apps are free to use and a single account can operate up to 24 indoor units. User ID and password can be used to log in from multiple mobile devices with Airstage Mobile app allowing up to 5 accounts per indoor unit.

More Fujitsu wireless interface options are available here.

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