Fujitsu Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) Systems Control

Fujitsu Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) Systems Control

Fujitsu Hybrid Flex Inverter systems are a perfect blend of complex VRF systems and simple Multi-zone systems. It is an ideal setup for homes and businesses where multi-zone outdoor units can operate from 2 to 8 indoor units simultaneously.

Fujitsu Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) Systems Control  setup

Some advantages of HFI systems include:
  1. Lower copper tubing costs
  2. Easier installation
  3. SEER rating
  4. Up to 8 zones can be controlled
  5. 80 to 130% connectable capacity 
  6. Long piping

You can be able to create several indoor unit combination styles for wall-mounted, slim ducts, floor mounts, and compact cassettes systems.

Floor mounts: AGU9RLF, AGU12RLF, AGU15RLF
Compact cassettes: AUU7RLF, AUU9RLF, AUU12RLF, AUU18RLF

Control of these systems can be done centrally or individually as discussed below.

Wired Central Controller

It utilizes the UTY-DMMUM Central remote controller (wired) that allows simultaneous control of up to 8 indoor units on a Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI) system. The Remote controller connects in a daisy chain to branch boxes.

Fujitsu UTY-DMMUM central controller diagram

Wireless Interface adapters

This option uses Fujitsu wireless adapters/modules for each indoor unit. It provides remote cloud control and monitoring of your slim duct system through the internet using the free FGLair App (Smartphone). For the initial setup, the smartphone/device has to be connected to the same wireless router that the adapter is connected to.

See the illustration in the below schematic diagram:

Fujitsu wireless interface schematic diagram

Sample system diagram:

Fujitsu system wireless interface diagram

Wired Remote controllers/ Thermostats

Fujitsu UTY-RNNUM and UTY-RSNUM can provide control and additional functionality for the split units. Check out more Fujitsu thermostats.

Wireless Remote controllers

If your indoor unit needs a wireless remote controller you can select the compatible one from Fujitsu remotes here.

Contact our HVAC Controls Engineering team for assistance with custom HVAC control solutions or learn more here.

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