Frequently Asked Questions on Streetlight Power Tap Adapters

Frequently Asked Questions: Streetlight Power Tap Adapters

A streetlight power tap adapter is a device that allows you to tap into the power supply of a streetlight. It installs between the ANSI C136.10 receptacle on top of the luminaire and the photocell without interfering with normal photocontrol operation.

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This allows you to provide continuous or timed power to devices mounted on the streetlight pole, such as security cameras, traffic monitoring systems, and wireless access points.

Streetlight Power Tap Adapter


Do I need a permit to use a streetlight power tap adapter?
It depends on your local regulations. Contact your local utilities department or building code enforcement office to inquire about permits.

Are there any safety regulations I need to follow?
Yes, you must follow all applicable electrical safety regulations when installing and using a streetlight power tap adapter. These include using appropriate equipment for electrical works and observing OSHA protocols for working at heights.

What voltage do streetlight power tap adapters typically provide?
For all the applicable streetlight voltages in the USA (120, 240, 277, 480 VAC), there is a compatible unit. The adapter will either provide the available voltage unchanged or convert it to 120 VAC, DC power or POE. Read more on the different options here.

What types of connectors do streetlight power tap adapters have?
By default, the adapter comes with a SOOW 16AWG wire termination (no connector), or a NEMA 2 pin receptacle. However, custom NEMA connectors and a Mini-Link are also available on request. Read more on the different options here.

What cable length and type do I need?
Common and readily available cable lengths are 5, 10, 20 and 25 feet with custom lengths also available on order. Always select a cable that is long enough to reach your equipment and is rated for outdoor use.

Can I leave a streetlight power tap adapter plugged in all the time?
Yes, all adapters are designed for continuous use with no need to plug and unplug regularly. Remember, we have continuous-on and switched dusk to dawn adapters which operate differently.

Continuous On - offers uninterrupted power all day to your connected equipment.
Dusk to Dawn - delivers power only at night, switches off during the day.

What should I do if the adapter isn't working?
First, check the adapter and cable for any physical damage or loose connection points. Then, ensure the streetlight is on and the receptacle is powered. If everything looks good, contact us here for support.

Are there alternative options to streetlight power tap adapters?
Yes, there are. However, streetlight photocell adapters offer the advantage of quick and easy installation, with great outdoor capabilities. The units are literally plug and play. 

Where can I purchase streetlight power tap adapters?
Rfwel Engineering sells a wide range of these units while offering pre- and post-sales support for the same.

Remember, safety and legality are paramount when using streetlight power tap adapters. Do your research, follow proper procedures, and ensure you're compliant with local regulations.

Contact our Power Solutions Specialists to help you configure the power tap and/or termination that you need for your next project.