Controlling Mitsubishi Indoor Units using Airzone's Aidoo Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi controller

Controlling Mitsubishi Indoor Units using Airzone's Aidoo Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi controller

Airzone offers AZX6ACCSPLMEL CN105 port splitter that allows homeowners to combine the Mitsubishi MHK2 wireless control with WiFi connectivity through Airzoneā€™s Aidoo  Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi controller.


Sample Application diagram

The Wi-Fi controller through the AZX6ACCSPLMEL CN105 port splitter lets you control settings from MHK2 located in your room from anywhere in the world using the Airzone Aidoo App. The setting includes On/Off, Operation modes cool, heat, drying, fan, Set temperature (separate dual set points for heat and cool), Fan speed setting and-airflow direction.


The controller is connectable with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

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