Connecting Airzone Systems to the Cloud

Connecting Airzone Systems to the Cloud

Airzone cloud platform provides intuitive user interface for controlling various AC system functions such as fan speed, changing set-point temperature, on/off, and establishing operation mode.

To connect Airzone systems to the cloud, you can use the Airzone webservers options.

There are two options for this application: the webserver hub Airzone (AZX6WSPHUB) and the webserver Airzone (AZX6WSC5GER).

1. Webserver hub Airzone cloud (AZX6WSPHUB) 
  1. Offers dual Wi-Fi connectivity (connect to local network to connect to cloud via internet)
  2. Has Ethernet connection well
  3. Can connect up to 32 systems

AZX6WSPHUB connection to the gateways

2. Webserver Airzone cloud (AZX6WSC5GER)
  1. Offers dual Wi-Fi connectivity (connect to local network to connect to cloud via internet)
  2. Integrates into the automation bus of one of the main board/gateway and the other systems cascades from it
  3. Can also control up to 32 systems

The AZX6WSC5GER is fitted to the main board as on the image above (5 pin terminal is disconnected to fit the AZX6WSC5GER).

Once fitted, the other systems' main boards can be cascaded from the 2-pin terminal as below.

second board connection to the main board with AZX6WSC5GER

Contact our HVAC Controls Engineering team for any assistance with connecting your systems to cloud or other HVAC control solutions.

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