Cloud Management Systems

Cloud Management Systems

Cloud management platforms are becoming essential tools for network administrators and technicians to easily deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot both wireless and wired network devices.

Mimosa’s new cloud platform, MMP, provides on-premises or private cloud hosting network management which eases WISPs and large-scale PTP/PTMP networks in end-to-end management, scalability, and redundancy designs. In turn, this simplifies operations costs and improves customer support.

Easily simulate PTP or PTMP links for easier design as below and see the range your devices are capable of, install and add devices to the platform, and then manage them.

Installation reports from designs can make installation works easy and ensure fast deployments as you can plan the type of infrastructure (masts, roof mounts, or enclosures), antennaspower equipment- especially for remote sites and back-ups, as well as radios that you need. Frequency management for WISPs and PTPs is also less cumbersome with these cloud platforms.

However, on technologies like CBRS or TVWS, Frequency management is automatically done with database systems such as SAS or Geolocation Database which maintains frequency usage by other devices in those frequency ranges. This is an advantage for these network designs which can also be used to create long-range links or private LTE/5G NR.

Here are some of the Mimosa network devices.

Other vendors' cloud platforms include LigoWave's Infinity Controller, Ubiquiti's UISP, Cambium's cnMaestro, and Netgear's Insight Cloud. LigoWave's Infinity Cloud Controller (which you can also install on a private server) has a free option if you are managing up to 10 devices.

Contact Rfwel wireless specialists on your next Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA) or Wireless Backhaul project to learn how to utilize cloud platforms for wireless network designs. You may also reach us at +1.480.218.1877 Option 2.
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