Cisco AIR-PWR-ST-LT-R3P Streetlight Power Tap Cisco Aironet Series

Cisco AIR-PWR-ST-LT-R3P Streetlight Power Tap Cisco Aironet Series

The Cisco AIR-PWR-ST-LT-R3P is a Streetlight Power Tap designed for the Aironet Series of wireless access points. The unit installs between the luminaire receptacle and the photocontrol device without affecting normal photocontrol and dimming operations.

Cisco Streetlight Power Tap Adapter for Cisco 1570 Access Points

It's a power supply module used to provide power to Cisco Aironet outdoor access points that are typically installed in outdoor environments like streetlights. This power tap allows these access points to be powered directly from a streetlight power source, making it a convenient solution for outdoor wireless networking deployments.

Typically, its a very easy device to install (we can lightly call it plug and play just for emphasis). However, caution has to be taken during installation due to the presence of mains AC current and elevated work heights. The presence of a licensed electrician might therefore be necessary.

Designed for 120VAC operations and terminated with a 4 feet bare wire pigtail cable.

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