Bryant Legacy Thermostats Wiring

Bryant Legacy Thermostats Wiring

There are four legacy series of Bryant thermostats:
  1. Programmable for AC units
  2. Non-programmable for AC units
  3. Programmable for heat pump units
  4. Non-programmable for heat pump units
For example, T2-PAC01-A and T2-NAC01-AC are for AC systems to control one stage of cooling and one stage of heating and they will not operate a heat pump. T2-PHP01-A and T2-NHP01-A are designed for heat pump systems, to control two stages of cooling and three stages of heating (they can also be converted to AC operation).

An AC system requires up to 6 wires for 24 VAC operation (5 for battery operation alternative). The heat pump system requires up to 7 wires for 24 VAC operation (6 for battery operation)

See below wiring for some of the various systems with the Bryant legacy thermostats:
  1. Single speed AC to thermostat

common wire not necessary if using battery
Separate Rh and Rc connection (remove jumper) if using split transformer connection for indoor and outdoor unit

  1. Single speed Heat Pump to thermostat

  1. Single stage AC and Furnace system to thermostat

The above shows a system with split power (no Rc/Rh jumper in this case).

  1. 2-stage AC system with variable speed, step modulating, multi-stage and single stage furnace

  1. 2-Stage Heat pump with Variable speed, Multi-stage, Stage Modulating and Single-Stage Furnace

  1. FV/FK Fan coil with 2-Stage AC

  1. FV/FK Fan coil  with 2-Stage Heat Pump

It is always ideal to do all wiring when power is disconnected.  Refer to device's manual in case wiring is unclear.

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